Looking to satisfy your sense of adventure on one of the many waterways surrounding Portland, OR? Reserve a jet ski or boat rental from X-treme Rentals and enjoy cruising on the water with your friends and family. Whether you want to take a relaxing ride on the Columbia River or catch some waves at Jentzen Beach, we have the right watercraft for your trip. Call us at (503) 974-8313 or make a reservation online now.

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  1. Customers will come to 11505 NE Yacht Harbor Dr Portland OR 97217. Our dock and operation is located behind the apartments down the ramp to the left. You must show up 15 minutes early to do your paperwork. If you are late you will lose your time on the water.
  2. Jet skis and boats are in the water you don’t need to tow them to water. Customers park in the 1st parking lot to the left when you turn onto Yacht Harbor Dr. This Parking lot has a brown building as you pull in. Come to the Rental Office if need additional help. We recommend using the carts at the parking lot to carry your things down to water.
  3. Once parked just walk down to water where we do all the paper work; make sure you bring your identification, credit card used to do rental. We will make sure the rental fees have been collected, damage deposit (verify funds available $500-$1000 depending upon model). If your deposit fee cannot be authorized, you will not be allowed out on the craft. You will then sign waivers and fill out a form for Oregon State Marine Board to get your temporary boaters card, etc.
  4. We will provide all safety related items, life jackets, fire extinguisher, whistle, throw cushions, etc. We have charts of the river to view out surrounding waterways. We encourage customers to wear foot protection and appropriate clothing based upon conditions.
  5. Customers are then taken to the equipment to be rented. At this time staff will review our safety check out list and covering operational topics, condition of equipment, safety items location, overview of rules and laws, and items to avoid that can cause damage. Most of our fleet is located in the water but we can have on trailers where customers can ‘trailer away with plenty of notice.
  6. From our dock you will idle out to the Columbia River any customer making a wake in marina are subject to loosing there rental time and or damages. Remember to always be SAFE. Happy boating!

Boat Rentals

If you plan to visit Portland, taking a scenic cruise down the Columbia River is a great way to spend an afternoon. At X-treme Rentals, our boat rentals cater to small and large parties looking to take a boat excursion on this gorgeous waterway. With enough room to hold ten passengers and all your watersports equipment, renting a ski boat is a great option to keep your day on the water varied.

Jet Ski Rentals

Perhaps you’re looking for a smaller watercraft you can just tool around on. You’ll want to rent a jet ski from X-treme Rentals. Our jet skis have high-performance engines and handle extremely well. You can fit from one to three passengers on our jet ski rentals, making them the perfect choice for a solo or group ride.

What You Can Expect from Us

X-treme Rentals prides itself on providing excellent customer service to make your rental experience easy, fun, and free from hassles. We deliver our services at fair and reasonable prices, and all of our watercraft rentals are clean and well maintained. For more information, contact us at (503) 974-8313, and view our frequently asked questions and rental policies.